Thursday, November 11, 2010


Do you have someone in your life who is fighting a battle or struggling.  Win this necklace...for free...for them!!!  (See prior post.)


  1. That is an awesome gorgeous necklace! My sister is fighting a very tough battle right now, and I'm so proud of her!!! I'd love to win it for her :)

  2. Wow! Your jewelry is just wonderful- I want it for myself! Hey, I am going through a struggle- do I get it =)... Naw, this is going to be a gift for someone else! The first person that I think of is a wonderful women that I recently met, we became very very fast friends- it was quite amazing really. And her strength and perseverance to love and give is amazing as well- she reminds me of you, Nicolette!

    She has been hit quite hard in the past few years. She lost everything when Katrina hit New Orleans, worst of all, she lost her father. Uprooted and torn, she has found herself in a place where she's been having a tough time finding true friends. Recently, her sister became quite ill, and she was by her side nonstop. Then upon her return, she lost her apartment and her job (what a nightmare!). Even through her struggle of loss- she hasn't wavered in her faith and her heart has remained open and loving. Her faith in God has remained steadfast, and has truly been one of the most amazing women I have met!