Sunday, November 7, 2010


The winner for the adorable feather vintage clutch from Midnight Boudoir is..... can I have a drum roll please???......


Erin posted a great post about the item in Glenda's Midnight Boudoir shop on Etsy that reminded her of her son.  Glenda chose this post as children are very dear to her (by day she is a peds nurse).  If you didn't read it, here is the post,

"I picked the .Silver Angel Winged Dragonfly French Barrette the dragon fly to me,has always reminded me of my son axel,when he was born,he was a premie and very sick with jondus and we were in the hospital for a week trying to get my sweet new born well.

for some reason,the dragon fly always came to mind when i would pray for my angel, axel,i think because,all the dragon flys i saw before i had him always were the color of his eyes,a soft sky blue and dragon flies always seems to be so joyful the way they seem to dance as they fly.Axel,even as a new born would always make my heart fly so high with joy,even threw all his sickness,he would always smile at me and just be soo strong for such a tiny baby,he is my dragon fly,tiny but filled with so much joy and spirit!"

Erin you can email me at so you can give me your address and I will get it to Glenda ASAP so she can get the beauty to you in the mail!

Thank you so much Glenda for the generous giveaway item!!! 
WE ALL love it!

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  1. ahh im soo excited about this!i LOVE that clutch and i amost never win anyting!thank you soo much for this contest!cant wait to get my clutch!!!!!