Monday, August 20, 2012

Gone...but not forgotten!!!

I will not bore you with the reasons of why I have been MIA.  My shop has been closed for a few months, which is the longest I have ever closed my shop before.  I have come to a few conclusions while on my hiatus.

One: I am going back to school to get my BFA in Fashion Design.  Life is short.  Do what you love and what inspires you.  There are other things that inspire me, however.  I was a voice major in my past and I sing and write music.  I still sing a few times a month publicly. Unfortunately, being a mom of two (one special needs), it is just not possible to spend all the time I want with my children, support my husband and still sing gigs or participate in major theatre productions.  ALWAYS HAVE A PLAN B!!  Ladies...and men, but I believe my audience here is women, do what you love.  Life is so short.  Do not let it pass you by.  Today you live, tomorrow could be your last.  We all take life too lightly.  We take it for granted.  So for me....plan B is my BFA in Fashion Design to further my lil girls clothing line.  YAY!  More updates to come...and tutorials too!

Two:  I have so many ideas and patterns of outfits to make or design.  Yet, there they sit.  I know I will be busy with school, but I am going to go through these ideas one by one and create them and share them with you here.  Hopefully some of them I can even pass along a tutorial  or two.  :)

Third: As much as I want to, I just don't have time for custom orders while in school.  I am thinking that from now on, I will make an outfit in a certain size and it will be a one of a kind and that will be the only one I sell on my shop.  There are a few items that take less time that I may be able to still do custom, but most I am cutting back, unless it is already made. I no longer have an assistant and until I have people sewing for is all me baby!  As for my Alice in Wonderland Croquet sets that have been so popular....I will no longer be making those custom.  I will have a few ready to ship and that is it.  Life is should always come first.  When your work is coming before your kids when you are supposed to be a stay at home mom...that is not good!  :)

Fourth:  I want to share more of my creative ideas and tips with all of you here on my blog.  I have added a follow me on pinterest button so you can follow my many pins.  And I plan to blog more and share more tutorials.  I figure with both of my children now in Elementary school...I may have a tad more time to spread some blog love!  :)