Saturday, January 29, 2011


I opened two new shops this last week!!    One was inspired by my love for shabby chic and my redecorating of my studio space, Studio Remix.  The other was inspired by vintage accessories called
 Je Suis Amoureux - I am in love.  Both are tabs on my pages above, but here are the links if you want to cheek them out to make your search faster.

In addition to all of this...there are new items at Lil Lollipops for your little one's art work.  Check it out:

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


How would you like to get 5 dollars off your next purchase at Lil Lollipops Designs?  How about $10? $15????  New designs will be added this whole month.  Get a great discount on your next order for Spring clothes or Valentine's Day clothes.

Here is how it works...and please be honest:
During this next month refer as many friends to my blog or Facebook as you can.  Anyone who is one of my followers can even those you refer.

FOR EVERY PERSON YOU REFER WHO BECOMES A FOLLOWER OF MY BLOG AND LIKES MY  FACEBOOK get one dollar off.  So if you refer 10 people and they are both following my blog and my get 10 off your next purchase!!!

I am not rich so the limit is going to have to be $15 off for each person.

1.  Refer, tell, email, talk to friends, family etc.. and have them become a follower of my blog and my Facebook.
2.  Once they become a follower of both...they are to post on this Blog entry their name, who referred them(make sure they put your name you are following under) and that they are now following both on the blog and FB.
3.  At the end of this month...Feb.1, I will total up all the new followers and who referred them.  On Feb.1, I will post who is getting what off.  Then all you will need to do is convo me before you make a purchase about wanting to use your dollars off and on what.  We will go from there!

Here is something you can cut and paste to make it easy to spread the word to people via email or Facebook or your blog:

Lil Lollipops Designs (designs for girls and babies) is having dollar days!!!  I would love if you could help me get up to $15.00 off my next purchase at the store.  It is simple and only takes seconds.  All you have to do is go to and like their Facebook page.  Then go to the shop's blog and become a follower.  Once you do that, go to the post "Dollar Days" and in the comments write that you are now a follower of the blog and liked their Facebook page then write ______________________(put your blog follower name here)  referred you.  You can also get up to $15.00 off at Lil Lollipops Designs by referring people just like I am doing.  Read all about it on the Dollar Days post on their blog.


Oh the colors!!!!

I love color and patterns.  I am always drawn to certain fabrics at the fabric store.  Here are some new fabrics I recently bought to add to my growing collection. Hoping to get something out soon in these fabrics.  

This first picture is of two fabrics I picked up that really go well together. One is like a punky argil with skulls and bows.  The other is like a patch work fabric with flowers, argil, hearts, leopard, roses, and girlie skulls.  Thinking about a dress. 

The next set of fabric my 5 year old daughter helped me pick out.  She wants me to make her a Valentine outfit.  I probably have enough material to make 1- 2 more matching outfits or skirts to sell...will be listed soon, so look out for them.  If you are interested in seeing it before I list it so you can have first choice...comment below.

I was really drawn to this blue and pink fabric below.  Not sure what to do with it...but I really like it.

This last set of fabrics is very shabby chic and I am loving it!!!  Thinking about a lil baby outfit or frilly dress.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011


New York (Paloma Faith song)Image via Wikipedia

What inspires you???  For me it is music, drama, theatre, color, art, and patterns.  For those of you who do not know, I am a musician.  I sing and write music.  I also act on occasion.  Before I started my clothing line, all I did was music and theatre.  I put my husband through school and then we moved to Hawaii.  He was in a surgery residency there in Hawaii at Tripler Army Hospital.  While there, I tried to finish my two degrees in Music and Theatre degree...which I was a year away from finishing...but then I kept on getting pregnant.  :)  I recorded an album while in Hawaii and continue to write music for my second album which who knows will ever come to fruition.

Now that you know that background about will understand how important music is in my life.  Music inspires me...inspires my designs.  Wanted to share with you my latest inspiration...Paloma Faith.  She is from the UK and just nominated for Best Female Vocalist in the Brit awards.  I was listening to her before her album was released in US.  She is very theatrical, unique,  and so talented!  I have been so bored with the music industry.  She gives me excitement for modern music again.  You will have to check her out sometime.  Her song "New York" is one of my favorites and has been inspiring many of my new designs for Spring.  Check it out in the video I have posted on the right.

What inspires you???
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