Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oh the colors!!!!

I love color and patterns.  I am always drawn to certain fabrics at the fabric store.  Here are some new fabrics I recently bought to add to my growing collection. Hoping to get something out soon in these fabrics.  

This first picture is of two fabrics I picked up that really go well together. One is like a punky argil with skulls and bows.  The other is like a patch work fabric with flowers, argil, hearts, leopard, roses, and girlie skulls.  Thinking about a dress. 

The next set of fabric my 5 year old daughter helped me pick out.  She wants me to make her a Valentine outfit.  I probably have enough material to make 1- 2 more matching outfits or skirts to sell...will be listed soon, so look out for them.  If you are interested in seeing it before I list it so you can have first choice...comment below.

I was really drawn to this blue and pink fabric below.  Not sure what to do with it...but I really like it.

This last set of fabrics is very shabby chic and I am loving it!!!  Thinking about a lil baby outfit or frilly dress.

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