Sunday, January 16, 2011


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What inspires you???  For me it is music, drama, theatre, color, art, and patterns.  For those of you who do not know, I am a musician.  I sing and write music.  I also act on occasion.  Before I started my clothing line, all I did was music and theatre.  I put my husband through school and then we moved to Hawaii.  He was in a surgery residency there in Hawaii at Tripler Army Hospital.  While there, I tried to finish my two degrees in Music and Theatre degree...which I was a year away from finishing...but then I kept on getting pregnant.  :)  I recorded an album while in Hawaii and continue to write music for my second album which who knows will ever come to fruition.

Now that you know that background about will understand how important music is in my life.  Music inspires me...inspires my designs.  Wanted to share with you my latest inspiration...Paloma Faith.  She is from the UK and just nominated for Best Female Vocalist in the Brit awards.  I was listening to her before her album was released in US.  She is very theatrical, unique,  and so talented!  I have been so bored with the music industry.  She gives me excitement for modern music again.  You will have to check her out sometime.  Her song "New York" is one of my favorites and has been inspiring many of my new designs for Spring.  Check it out in the video I have posted on the right.

What inspires you???
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