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Lil Lollipops Designs: Do you have a Smelly Monster??? GIVEAWAY: Kids Ba...

Lil Lollipops Designs: Do you have a Smelly Monster??? GIVEAWAY: Kids Ba...: Meet Etsy shop owner and maker of the yummy bath and body sundries at Smelly Monster.

From Russia With Love Giveaway WINNER!!!

 First I want to thank Anastasya for her AMAZING and GENEROUS giveaway she is sharing with us all the way from Russia.  You have an awesome talent and sweet heart.  :)

 If you have not gotten a chance to do so, check out her Etsy Shop and her webpage for a one of a kind, unique leather purse or accessory.  What an amazing gift to give a loved one for Christmas!!!  I think I know what I am going to give my mom...or maybe myself for Christmas! :)  Her work is impeccable!  Check it out: is what you clicked on this post for...




Congrats!!!!!!  To receive your item, contact  Anastasya at her Etsy shop above via convo.  :)

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  24. Lovebugsbyemily4
  25. Лена lakizka 2
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  30. BohemianSin2
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  52. Cindy3
  53. trishatoo1
  54. Despina 3
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  56. Star of the East
  57. amber3
  58. Laura 2
  59. Rebecka Lozano 4
  60. BohemianSin1
  61. Trisha4
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Friday, October 21, 2011

Last Minute Halloween Outfits

If you are like me, you are rushing around thinking about what your child is going to wear to the Harvest party or Halloween party.  Of maybe you have not even thought about it and are reading this and thinking...AHHH CRAP!!!  Either way, here are some last minute Halloween/Harvest outfits for Toddlers that are READY TO SHIP from my shop!  You can see more pictures in my shop



Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Modern Handmade Child and GREAT!

 Have you read the Recent Hand Made Child Mag???? It is free and AMAZING!!! Great recipes, projects, advice, and other articles for you and your lil ones. Check it out.

Do you have a Smelly Monster??? GIVEAWAY: Kids Bath and Body

Meet Etsy shop owner and maker of the yummy bath and body sundries at Smelly Monster.  Smelly Monster carries Bath and Body products for KIDS  "that are lye-free and that make bath time fun...even for boys!"   She is a mom to three children ages 9 - 24.  WOW....she is BUSY!  She says both of her Grandmothers were crafty and her father was a pattern maker.  "I have always loved creating, but for years I chose an accounting career over crafting. There's not much room for creativity in accounting. My other venues include being an author, blogger, and entrepreneur."  From Accounting to Smelly Monster.  lol  That tickles my funny bone...but it is so AWESOME!  

Nayetta tells me she started to making the kids the Smelly Monster line in 2011.  She says, " Our goal was to have a kids skin care line that included products specifically for boys, both young and all the way up to pre-teens.  We wanted to see different products for boys when picking out gifts and presents. Dry skin is a problem because of the climate where we live, so we also needed to create something that solved that problem for us." YAY!!  We need more boy things on Etsy.  I constantly hear moms asking for more cute boy things and boy products.

The inspiration for Smelly Monster comes from Nayetta's children.  She says, " Sometimes it's how they view current events, and what's going on in their world. I pay attention to the things they say and ask them if they think we could make a product around it. We went to an animal show and my son handled a pet snake that he wants one day. But for now, we created "Slithering Suds", a shower gel with small snakes inside."  I LOVE IT!!!!  " The girls help with the graphic arts and are the cheerleaders behind the products."  Wow!  Talk about taking your work home...she is taking her home to work!  :)  Nayetta went on to say, "our area suffered some bad weather that prompted school closings that caused us to also change our schedules. Out of that situation, came some creative product names that we are currently working on - stay tuned! As a little girl, I watched my grandmother, her neighbors, and her friends get together to stir lye soap in big iron pots that cooked on a wood fire in the front yard. Those memories inspire me also. "  She is keeping it in the family.

So, Smelly Monster....GREAT name.  Something kids would love as well!  Smart and creative, but I was wondering why she choose that.  Nayetta explains, "Well since we knew that making boys products was an important part of this new product line, we asked for the boys opinion. My son started tossing around random names like sports, sweat, shower, no-shower!, outside, climbing, and even pillow-fight! It's amazing what brain-storming produces. Then we visualized big bubbles and came up with monster for big. During more talks, we put smelly with monster and Smelly Monster
was born."  I am so inspired with how she has involved her kids and family in this venture!  I should have my kids name some of my outfits.  :)  Great way to teach your kids about business and show them an entrepreneurial spirit.

With being a mom and family life Nayetta says "organization is key" in her life.  "I have a bright folder where I place all the paperwork from Smelly Monster so I can pull it out at month end and see where I stand. The kids homework desk is stocked with supplies. We try to stick to a schedule during the week and focus on fun on the weekends."

She continues, "The most important thing I have to do daily is remember the basics and find time-savers, even if they cost.  I know which restaurants offer deals on each day of the week and $5 pizza when I don't have time to cook.  Let's say my morning schedule is changed abruptly. I know I will get back on track at some point. I don't stress because I know my basics. My business basics are my system: check emails, visit my Etsy store, socialize!, order supplies, make products, paperwork, training. That sounds like a lot,
but it's really the boundaries for me so I know what I have to do and what I have to ignore. "
Nayetta and I belong to a Christian Etsy Team called the CAST team  
The team is a great support and very uplifting.  You always know how has your back if you need prayer, etc..  I asked her what her three favorite CAST Team shops were and this is her list:  The thing I want to stress is that most if not all of these shops are yet to really take off, including Smelly Monster, so support local business and purchase something from them!

cookiebabe - her items express for me her motto to "make my home just the way I want make me smile when I look at it".

BurchDesigns - those photos make me enjoy what I'm looking at.

HeavenlyKnitchet - in addition to selling her knit creations, she also creates tools that help other crafters - very kind of her.

When I asked her about Etsy and what she likes about it she said, " Etsy is like this revolving business machine created for crafters to jump on and ride as far as they want to ride, learn as much as they want to learn, and sell as much as they want to sell!  I'm part of this massive pool of savvy, smart, kind people who are business owners. I love the teams. I love all the support from Etsy and the training. Who wouldn't want to be on Etsy?" AGREED!!!  Those of you reading this who have any creative or business bone in you, but are not doing much with it....GET ON BOARD THE ETSY TRAIN!!!  Sales continue to go up and up for this company and the companies within Etsy every year, even in a bad economy.

If you have read any of my interviews, I always like to ask an off-the-wall question.  I asked Nayetta what her motto for life was and she said:
 "...I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul".  "Invictus" by William Ernest Henley. Moreover,  I have the ultimate responsibility to make right choices for my fate and for my soul. 
So the question is....DO YOU HAVE 
 If you do, I am sure you rather have a monster that smells like a yummy smelly monster than a stinky one.  If you are one of those parents, than this giveaway is for you!
GIVEAWAY worth $15.00
Giveaway ends 10pm Eastern time Nov. 1, 2011
You could win this bottle of Smelly Monster Blue-Blast Body Lotion.  The listing for this product in her shop says this:  
Blue Blast Lotion for Kids was created with the galaxy in mind. Our son thought of this name because the "blast" name would encourage kids to use lotion. You get a whopping 8 ounces that can be used daily, immediately after bathing, or as needed. 
This lotion is lightly-scented with Indian Sandalwood. This gives a nice, clean, fresh scent. Blue Blast Lotion is mild and contains ingredients that have been known to moisturize children's skin. We use it on one of our kids who has sensitive skin and who is allergic to many other store-bought lotions.
The ingredients include Sunflower Oil and Allantoin. 
Sunflower Oil: Native American Indians were the first to discover the healing properties of Sunflower Oil which is rich in Vitamin E that helps moisturize and regenerate skin. 
Allantoin: Allantoin is thought to have the ability to help heal wounds, sores and stimulate growth of healthy tissue. It is a skin softener and anti-irritant. 
The coloring is cosmetic-safe.
Storage: 8 oz. plastic bottle with snap-closure top. Please store in a cool place. You will have plenty of time to use this product within the recommended time of 9 months after purchase.
If you don't see enough of the product you want, we'll create it for you. Just let us know...  

As always, make sure you follow my blog before entering and leave a way for me to get a hold of you if you win in one of your entries (email, etc.).
1 entry - Add Smelly Monster's Etsy Shop to your Favorites

2 entries - Like her Facebook Page -

3 entries -follow the shop on twitter -

4 entries -  Make a treasury on Etsy with one of her products and come back with the treasury URL so we can view it.
5 entries - buy an item in the not only will increase your chances of wining, but if you win, it will be like buy one get one free!


Monday, October 17, 2011

Knitted with Buttons (New Giveaway)

Let me introduce you to Théa Rosenburg. She is owner and designer of a lovely Etsy shop called: Two Blue Buttons Théa makes hand knitted gifts for ladies, babies and coffee pots.  Come on....lets give some love to our coffee pots!!!

She says she is a "girl with roots."  "I have lived in the same town for most of my
life, and have spent a good portion of that time in the same general
neighborhood. Our town is an artsy one with a big indie scene.  I’ve
gotten to be a part of that in different ways over the years, through
music as well as art."  Yeah for musicians!!! I am also a singer and writer.  :)

Théa is excited about celebrating her 9th anniversary with her husband which is coming up soon.  She says it "delights but does not surprise me: God has been wonderful to us. Our daughters, Lydia (3) and Sarah (1), are colorful characters. I love
hanging out with them."  Ahhhhhh  sweet right?

Théa took up knitting while she was pregnant with her first daughter, Lydia.  She says: "I found that it was a great craft for these busy years with small children because I could pack it up and put it out of reach in under sixty seconds."  Last Spring she began to work from her own patterns and designs in hopes of opening her Etsy shop.  She says, "Once the ball got rolling, it just wouldn't stop!"  She says bright things inspire her as well as art, flowers, stars, and clouds.

Two Blue Buttons is an intersting name, don't you think?  I asked her why she chose that name.  Théa  told me she arrived at that name  She said. ""by a long and winding road."  She says her husband redesigned her blog last Spring ( and part of that process was picking a new name."I wanted something that I connected with, that I felt described the items I hoped to sell in my shop and that, of course, was available as a domain name.
 When we hit on Two Blue Buttons, I may have clapped or possibly danced, because it met all of our criteria and was somehow just It.

I really wish to inspire moms with this blog, especially stay at home moms.  You can still be a mom and have something for yourself.  You can still be a businesss woman or an artist.  That is why I often  ask this question of my featured shops: If you are a mom, how hard is it to juggle bei sng mom and your shop and work (if you  work)?   
She replied, "I want to be available to my daughters as much as possible, so I put the
computer away unless they’re sleeping. Of course, that limits the time I
can spend working, but I like that.  I find that I’m more productive if I have to make myself a to-do list, then sit down at a set time, and get it done.he   So improtant to put the kiddos first! Bravo!

Two Blue Buttons and I are on the same Etsy Team called CAST...a Christian Etsy Artist Team.  I asked her what her favorite CAST Team Shops were and she responded with these four:

Baruch’s Lullaby 

Théa enjoys being on Etsy because she gets to "sell things without having to do all the groundwork of building a business.  It's still work to bring people to my shop, but that is nothing compared to the work of building a traditional shop from the ground up."

In closing, I asked Théa her favorite quotes and she answered with these:
“No power of hell, no scheme of man,
Can ever pluck me from His hand;
Till He returns or calls me home,
Here in the power of Christ I'll stand.”
- Stuart Townsend, “In Christ Alone”
"I’m currently reading David Copperfield, by Charles Dickens, and I wish I could quote that entire book to you. It’s incredible!" to the stuff you REALLY want!!  
HERE It IS.....
You could win this GREAT pair of fingerless gloves for your lil one!!! If you ask me, they could be for a girl or boy...yellow is pretty unisex. Cute right?

Here is how to enter 
First...whatever you do...PLEASE leave me an email or another way of getting a hold of you in at least one of your comments back. I have been having a bit of trouble notifying my winners. Also, you must be a follower of my blog to enter. Do each of the following things (each is worth one entry into the drawing for a total of 4 possible entries). Comment back and let us know which things you did for your entries...we will be checking! :) This giveaway will end Oct. 28, 2011 at 10pm Eastern Time.

1 entry : Subscribe to Two Blue Buttons webpage/blog
3rd entry: If you don't already, follow me on Facebook
4th entry: Heart (favorite) her shop on Etsy and one item from her shop you love most.  Come back and tell us what was your fave.

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Three GIVEAWAYS and newbies!

Well...I am so overwhelmed with the orders in my shop lately, but I HAD to catch up here on the blog.

Since I have been neglecting my blog...I am a bit behind on my Sat. and Wed. giveaways.  So I will be posting a giveaway Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week!!!!!  Check back tmw!

I listed a few new items in my shop today.  Take a peek and if you want to see more pictures go to my etsy shop: 

Winner of knitted hat from Petite Tuques

Oh my...I am so behind!  I took over, and my shops sales are CRAZY right now!!!!  Trying to catch up.  Here is the winner of the precious knitted girls hat from Petite Tuques!
Congratulations to.........


Please contact Lisa at her shop (convo) to claim your prize

Thank you so much to Lisa at Petite Tuques for your GENEROUS giveaway just in time for Fall.  

Here is how randomized the giveaway:

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  26. Lyudmila3
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  29. jaime4
  30. trisha2
  31. allwireduptoo3
  32. trisha1
  33. nancy1
  34. francesca2
  35. mframe1
  36. breakingfreefromoldways2
  37. oksana4
  38. Lyudmila1
  39. nancy2
  40. nancy3
  41. breakingfreefromoldways1
Timestamp: 2011-10-17 03:39:02 UTC

Winner of the Love Bugs By Emily Giveaway!

Oh my...I am so behind!  I took over, and my shops sales are CRAZY right now!!!!  Trying to catch up.  Here is the winner of the adorable pumpkin initials onsie from Love Bugs By Emily! 

Wow!  Trisha...this is the second time you won a giveaway!  It pays to sign up for these giveaways!!
Contact Emily via her shop on Etsy to get your prize!!!

Here is how randomized it:

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  7. Trisha3
  8. robin scott2
  9. Trisha2
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Saturday, October 8, 2011

From Russia with Love...NEW GIVEAWAY!

 Meet Anastasya Kaufman from Meushop 
She is all the way from Russia where she sells her beautiful leather flowers, bags, and purses.  I was browsing Etsy one day and found her amazing shop!  I love trying to find shops from far away places like Europe.  Her leather work is exquisite and definitely not something you can get here in the states. I hope you fall in love with her shop as much as I have.  Anastasya has been generous enough to giveaway one of her lovely, hand made, leather flowers.  I am so excited about this interview because I am always intrigued by others in other countries.  Anastasya is my first interview with someone from Europe!

This is one of my favorite purses in her shop.

When I asked her to tell me a little about herself she replied, "In my "previous" life I worked as translator on MTV Russia and in Kremlin Ballet.  I was also an artist in graphics.  I used to draw portraits. Now I found my favorite work and it has already become a small business here in Russia.  I am very interested in the global market. I want my works to travel :)."  Well, I hope this blog helps you do just that!  :)

I asked Anastasya when she started to make these items and why?  She said she only started to work with leather a year ago.  Bags and accessories had been her passion her whole life.  She loved to shop for them and buy them, but never thought she could make the things she loved as a profession.  She said, "First I decided to sew a bag for myself, and then I just couldn't stop. :)" She went on to say she had a really great teacher in Moscow who taught her everything she knows.  It is amazing to me that in Moscow...where I think it is cold and dreary (although I have no idea, since I have never been there...just my narrow minded thinking), that Anastasya was inspired to make these delicate, floral, light colored accessories and bags.  When I asked her what inspires her art she said, "Many things - mostly nature and traveling. I always have the best ideas when I return home from a trip."  As for Russia, she says, " I live in Moscow region, Russia. I love Moscow, it is a great megalopolis.  It is very busy, with it's own specific energy."  Interesting.  I don't think I have heard of Moscow like that before.  Now I want to go visit!

I thought her shop name was unusual and asked her how she decided on that name.  "I always wanted to go to Brazil and I even learned Portugal. "Meu deus", in English it is "Oh, my god".  Those were the first words, that I learned, so it became my nickname. My shop is called "meushop"  - just  like "myshop". "  Cute huh?

Anastasya is also a mom of two little girls of 5 and 2.   She says she works at home and that is her full time job.  She said, "I cannot say it is easy to combine work and maternity, but if you really want something, everyone and everything around you starts to help you. My husband, my mom and my husband's mom help me as they can. I really appreciate it. "  That is so awesome!!!

I asked what her favorite Etsy shops were and she replied, "I like many shops, but these ones absolutely kill me with their art:"

One of the reasons why she likes being on Etsy is because it links so many creative people together like the shops you see above.

Nastya, as she signed her email to me,  entertained some of my crazy and self indulgent questions.  I asked, If I were to come visit  your country....what would be the number one place you would tell me to visit?
 "I would tell you to visit some old towns like Suzdal or Tula… Moscow is like other global megalopolis, it looks like them. Small old towns better show russian character. No bears;)"  HAHA  I just saw a bear in my back yard yesterday here in Massachusetts.  lol

 What is your favorite local dish and please explain what it is:
 "I like pelmeni. It is meatballs in dough, look like Italian ravioli. It tastes great. "  Wouldn't that be great if she could give us the recipe....I will ask her!!!

If you could live any other place in the world where would it be and why?
"I could live in Barcelona, I love it."  Soooo many people love Spain.  Gotta go there someday too!

This is how this will go down for this giveaway from Russia with LOVE!!!  This is a classy flower for your hair or a pin ( I will have to ask which).  So cute!
First make sure you are following my blog to enter.  As always, come back and post after you completed and entry thanks!  It would be great if you either posted your email here on the post or you could email me privately at  This giveaway will end Saturday, Oct. 22.  Once the winner is announced, you will have 48 hours to claim your prize or we will choose the next person on the list. 

1.  Go to her shop on Etsy heart her shop and your favorite item. = 2 entries
2.  Go to her webpage: and search all her items.  click on the one you like best and come back here and paste the web address of that item and tell us what it is and why you like it best. = 2 more entries
3.  If you are the first one to buy something from her Etsy shop:, you automatically will win this giveaway!!!!!  :)  So it would be something, get something free!

Winner for TRENDY LIL MONKEY Giveaway!

The winner for the adorable cupcake lil girls hair bow and Mommy earrings is 


Please contact us in the next 48 hours to claim your prize!
If you didn't win, you can always find your own adorable bows at Trendy Lil Monkey's shop:

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  7. rachel1
  8. thea 4
  9. trisha 2
  10. nancy3
  11. thea 3
  12. trisha 3
  13. nancy4
  14. thea 2
  15. rachel3
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