Saturday, July 31, 2010


Oh so excited...will be featured in a fairly large ad in the Fall edition of the online magazine Modern Handmade Child. If you have never seen is a GREAT, free online magazine for parents. Great crafts for you to do with your kids and talks about current fashion for lil ones, etc.. Has tons of resources in it too. Go to: . I belong to an Etsy team called EtsyKids. That is where I heard about the mag. So next issue...think it will come out next month...see if you can find our ad!!!

Don't forget about the FREE FALL GIVEAWAY. Check my older post for info!

Friday, July 30, 2010


Here is my first FALL GIVEAWAY exclusively on my blog!! One person's lil one will receive one of my new fall pieces I am working on for my new Fall Line. Oh and it is sooooooo cute!!! The item is valued at 40.00+. Believe me this is something you want to win!!! Are you wondering how????
To be eligible:

Sign up to be a follower of my blog (page down on the right). Only my first 40 followers will be eligible for the prize. I will draw names from a hat!! This will be documented with photos to prove the process. :)
The Giveaway runs through August and end Aug. 31, 2010. The winner will be announced the first week in Sept sometime so check back!!! YAY!!!

Check back often as I will be giving hints all month...and maybe a picture as to what the item is!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thank You Models!!

Just wanted to give a quick thank you...someday you will read my two lil ones. My daughters Gwyneth and Logan. They are my lil models and sometimes I have to bribe them to get them to allow me to take pictures in the middle of their play time! kisses and hugs! A job well done for no pay! :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Things In My Head

Well this is my first blog post!!! YAY!!! So excited about this! This is all so new to me...a new horizon. So hang on and lets see where this leads me. Although this is a blog mainly for my lil clothing line...I will be putting other things on here that I feel are of importance or just want to share!
Here are some things in my head about my line as of recent.....I am currently putting together a Wonderland line of whimsical Alice and Wonderland inspired designs. I am sooooo excited about this!!! Especially since the movie came out not too long ago. I am mostly excited because I have LOVED Alice since I was little. Cinderella...naw...Snow White...naw...Alice was so me!!! She was so curious and a little crazy. Just like me lol! I also liked, when I was younger, that I looked like her. Long platinum hair, bangs, blue eyes...I believe I even had a dress that looked like Alice. I will have to raid my moms albums and find a picture of it sometime. So that is that thought.

I am also planning to make a line of Eric Carle dresses and things. My first??? The hungry caterpillar!!! Yes..there is eric carle material out there! Hard to find, but it is there. I won't share that secret though. Oh it is oh so cute!!! I can't wait.

I am considering expanding my line into other areas...more baby stuff...boy stuff...older kid stuff. So please take the poll on the right side of my page. It will help me decide in which direction to go and what the needs and wants are of the people who follow Lil Lollipops.

My thoughts on boy stuff is this....can someone PLEASE stop making the crappy little tees with characters on them for boys!!! Come on!! Who ever decided that boys can't wear cute boutique things like girls. Why do they have to look blah. Case in point...the other day I was at the mall and saw a woman with 4 kids: two boys, two girls. The girls were dressed so cute...bows, frilly dresses...and the had an elmo tshirt and plain shorts and the other a tee with a dump truck on it and plain shorts. WHY??? It just does not seem fair. I have had some people and friends ask me to make boy clothes so it will be a new avenue that I am considering.

My thoughts on older girl clothes...have you noticed that as soon as your daughter is too old for gymboree, you go to Macys or any other older girl department or store and all of a sudden she is wearing houchie mama clothes!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!! Now, I have two lil girls under the age of 5 so this worries me a lot about their future. What the heck is going on with that??? So I was also thinking about starting to make cute, but trendy older girl clothes that won't make them look like hussy's in training. HAHA I have some friends with daughters that size and they have suggested it.

Another thought, which is not on my pole...dress up clothes for older girls. A friend of mine mentioned that her daughter who is 7...still LOVES to dress up. Unfortunately, when you go to the stores...there is dress up stuff for kids under 4. So maybe that is a direction I need to consider. Of course it would be much cheaper than my clothes. Things with velcro and cheaper materials, but maybe moms and lil girls would like that.

Well that is it for now...check back later for more and thank you so much for following me and checking out my blog!!! God Bless!