Friday, July 30, 2010


Here is my first FALL GIVEAWAY exclusively on my blog!! One person's lil one will receive one of my new fall pieces I am working on for my new Fall Line. Oh and it is sooooooo cute!!! The item is valued at 40.00+. Believe me this is something you want to win!!! Are you wondering how????
To be eligible:

Sign up to be a follower of my blog (page down on the right). Only my first 40 followers will be eligible for the prize. I will draw names from a hat!! This will be documented with photos to prove the process. :)
The Giveaway runs through August and end Aug. 31, 2010. The winner will be announced the first week in Sept sometime so check back!!! YAY!!!

Check back often as I will be giving hints all month...and maybe a picture as to what the item is!


  1. I'm your new follower!
    You should put a photo of the giveaway! That would help bring people in.

  2. Welcome and thank you for following me! In regards to your comment... that ruins all the fun! :) Throughout the month I will give hints as to what it is and little snippets of it in pictures to create a buzz. Check back often and see if you can figure out what it is!! :) It is worth waiting for!

  3. Hi! i'm new follower! found you on the etsy forums! Since your new to giveaways you should check out - It makes picking winners for my giveaways so easy!

    Look forward to seeing snippets of the prize !

  4. Great thank you Elizabeth!! I will check that out and welcome!