Saturday, November 6, 2010

Inspiration in a Break

So...took a pause from have to do that from time to time when your brain is full of creativity and when you have Carpal Tunnel in both hands, as I do!  I got an idea that was inspired by our recent giveaway from my friend Glenda from Midnight Boudoir.  I am by no means as talented as she is with feathers...I won't tell you my secret of how I made this, but Glenda I will tell you some time.  You will see that I am not even close to your caliber of feather talent. lol  Which reminds me...Glenda have you chosen a winner for our giveaway????!!  Stay tune for that ladies!!  Anyhow, I bought a very nice vintage clutch/handbag and glamoured it up a bit.

TA DA!!!! 

 Listed on my shop under purses and pigtails.
Small little white things are glitter that has fallen from the butterflies.  The purse is in perfect black satin shape!  One of a kind (OOAK)...get it before someone else does!

Thank you Glenda for your creative inspiration.

Oh and I must give credit where credit is due...I need to thank my husband.  He helped me decide on the position of the butterflies.  :)  Love you hun!

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  1. love it Nicolette! it's super fun and oh so cute cute cute!!!