Monday, November 8, 2010

NEW GIVEAWAY!!! Strong Hearts Necklace

Wasn't that a great giveaway from Midnight Boudoir a few weeks ago???  I know Erin is so excited that she won.  As promised, this giveaway is a one of a kind (OOAK) necklace.  The necklace was created by me and inspired by my daughter who fights Spina Bifida everyday.  She is not a very severe case, her kind is very rare and if you wanted SB you would want her kind, but she overcomes struggles with it everyday. Even things as simple as walking, she has to struggle with as her one leg is fine and the other is different and uses different muscles and nerves to walk.  Think of the coordination she had to learn!!  This necklace I call Strong Hearts.  My daughter has gone through so much in such a short time (5 years).  She is my hero...a "Strong Heart".

Let me tell you the meanings behind the construction of this OOAK necklace:  The pendents hang off a 17 inch chain.  The large crystal like pendant hanging down is from a vintage piece.  It represents the fact that a person struggling is not alone.  There were many before.  It hangs off of the lightest pink and clear swarovski crystal beads, these represent the beauty within.

The heart pendant with the pearl in the middle represents the strength of the heart, the pearl being the stronghold.
The small outline of a gold heart is hanging from a vintage gold chain.  The openness of the heart represents a person's transparent heart in their fight or struggle.
 All of the hearts hang from a gold colored teardrop.  This represents the struggle itself...the pain...the sorrow...the many days and nights crying "why me?" All the hearts hanging from the teardrop represents what comes out of the pain...the strength...the beauty...the love.  Because I am Christian, the three items hanging together represent the Trinity...another reminder that we are not alone in our pain or struggle.

Now because this piece was made with such thought and meaning.... this giveaway will have meaning and thought.
Here is how it will work:

  1. Those entering must be a follower of this blog.  
  2. I want to know...OUT OF EVERYONE IN YOUR LIFE, who deserves  this necklace based on their circumstances and why.  Please write it in the comments of this post.
  3. I am asking that the person who wins the giveaway, please give this necklace to that person to whom you wrote about that deserves this.  The winner will be chosen based on the story and they will receive the necklace along with the description of the meaning behind the piece. 
  4. OPTIONAL: If possible, please take a picture of you giving it to that person or them opening it or them with it on and post it on the blog.   It would be great for us all to see and rejoice in their joy with this little item of encouragement.   
GOOD LUCK!!!  I pray the person who truly deserves this or needs this to give them a boost of encouragement...will win.


  1. i think my friend Katie deserves something like this to remind her what an amazing person and mother she is. She has SUCH a "strong heart" with all the struggles she has faced with her daughter. her daughter is visualy impaired and it takes a mother with a strong heart to not crumble under the stress and weight that that brings. The strength she has is unbelievable! i think something like this would help her know how great so many people think she is!

  2. you want to tell us who you are so if you win we know where to send this too??? Although, I do know Katie, if it is Lilah's mom you speak of. So, if you want to remain anonymous...let me know who it is exactly so they can get it, if you win. :)

  3. I too was going to vote for my friend Katie Sharpe. She is an awesome woman, Christian, wife, and mother. She has had to endure so much over this past year++ and yet through all of the pain, tears, and crying "why me, why her(her daughter)?" she never gave up on God. She seemed to come even closer to Him. Her struggles are daily, but Jesus walks with her daily as well. I feel your necklace, which is one of a kind would be a perfect fit for her life and what it represents at this time.

    If I did not give it to Katie, I would want to give it to my friend Dixie Langlois who was pregnant with twins over a year ago and lost one of them around 24wks or so. She now struggles with having to take her living twin to the doctor's (physical therapy because she has MANY health issues and she keeps learning of new ones) which keeps her from being able to work. She too has struggled with the loss of one child and the news of all the things her baby has to endure for the rest of her life. She would be an awesome recepient of this necklace.

    I'd give it to whom you'd rather have it, but wanted to put in for both people.

    -Rachel Garcia

  4. I would give this to my sister Kimberly. She is one of the most amazing women I know... As a teeneager, she was diagnosed with Liddle's Syndrome, a rare disease that affects the regulation of blood pressure and the kidneys. The doctor's predicted that she wouldn't live past her thirties, but she is currently 33, and hanging in there. She has two kids, who were both 2 pound preemies when they were born, because the doctor had to take them early because she couldn't be off her medication for entire nine months, who incidentally have been diagnosed with the same disease, but are all doing great.

    My sister is amazing because, besides being an amazing mom to her two kids, is a second grade teacher who also is very actively involved in school active in planning school activities, taxis her kids to their various sport activities, and still has time to be a good wife to her husband. She doesn't act like someone who is sick... She will love the necklace and the story behind it...

  5. This is a beautiful piece, in both design and concept. You are a talent woman.

  6. i don't even wanna nominate someone after reading about these other ladies, but i want to support your giveaway, so here goes! i think my mom, vicki, deserves this beautiful piece, because after raising me and my sister on her own, she is helping me raise my son now on my own. since my husband left me, my mom has been by my side, traveling up and down I-95 twice a week so that she can be here to watch my baby while i work so that he doesn't have to be in daycare since he was traumatized by his father leaving. she works with him, teaching him, caring for him, all the while being disabled, (heart disease, diabetes, COPD, kidney disease and more) on oxygen 24 hours a day. since i have kidney disease and have gotten sicker she has been there for me pretty much constantly.. the only person in my life who is there any time i need her. she is depressed at how awful her health has become, and stressed at the thought of losing her daughter and what that means for her grandson. i think she could really use some encouragement. i am eternally grateful for her. we butt heads because we are just alike but she is all i have and means the world to me. well nicolette good luck you have a lot of special ladies to choose from!

  7. All of these ladies deserve to win this necklace, including my mother who is an amazing inspiration. I would like to submit my mothers name, Sandy, because this would make her upcoming birthday very special. I myself, am a Navy wife, and my family is getting ready to move far away from my parents. We recently found out that my mother has had several organs to prolapse or drop and it will require several surgeries. She is a breast cancer survivor and has been going through a ton of physical diffculties. She has a very humble and gracious spirit and loves the Lord with all of heart. She and my father having been doing hospital ministry for a long time. They go into their local hospitals and pray for the sick and elderly. It would be great for me to win something so special for her before we depart. Unfortunately, with our big military move and my husband and I having a new baby, I will not be able to with her throughout this process. We all are going through an emotionally diffculy time. It would be such a blessing to honor my mother with giving her this necklace.