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Interior Designs from England NEW Giveaway

Looking for some great presents and stocking stuffers for Santa to give come Christmas or maybe you need some Hanukkah  gifts?  Meet Diana Heredia from León+Coco.     http://www.etsy.com/shop/leonandcoco  At  León+Coco you will find unique children's products from badges to stickers to bags and interior accessories. Oh and I must say...she has the CUTEST kids!
Diana says she started to make things when her son León was born.  She made them for her lil baby boy.  She says she started to get handmade presents from friends and in return she made some things for their children.  She started to customize interior accessories that she found "too dull for our nursery." 

Her inspiration comes from her own kiddos when it comes to lil ones products.  She says, " I see a need they have, something that is lacking in their room, or an activity they enjoy and bit by bit ideas come together and grow. A good example would be my little pencils bag.  Coco was frantically searching for her pencils at a time when I was making little bags and I asked her, if she had already searched in her bag. She cried back: “I looked in there twice, they are not there!” That moment I wondered why not all bags have a pencil compartment et voilà!"  We moms have to be resourceful...or learn to be.  Diana has taken this trait and made it into a beautiful business on Etsy.
I asked how she decided on the name for her shop and she said,  "It is the name of my children. I wanted to pick a name that made me committed to give my best, but I also wanted it to represent happy and curious  boys and girls."
Diana's favorite item that is currently in her shop which she made with her own fabric that she designed.  She says, "I just love the robin print!" 
Being a mom myself, I know juggling your art and your Etsy shop can be a handful.  I am always interested as to how other moms do it.  Diana says,  "Funnily enough I found it harder to cope before I had something to devote my head to. It was quite a change when I became a mum as I was committed to my work before. At the beginning it was perfectly fine and necessary that nothing but my baby mattered, but at a certain point it was important for me to return to my passion. It makes me a happier and more relaxed mother, when I achieve something with my acquired skills and see that I am capable of making things happen.  I love to time everything though to the minute."  There you have it ladies!!!  I am always a big advocate for not losing your self in Mommyhood, or Mummyhood as Diana might say.  So many moms lose their identities in being mom.  It should be an addition to who you are not a take over.  Being a mom is so important...but Diana is right, if you are true to yourself it can make you a happier and more relaxed mom.  

I asked Diana what were her 4 favorite shops on Etsy.
http://www.etsy.com/shop/elsita  "Love what she does with paper! I bought the bee and it is gorgeous!"

http://www.etsy.com/shop/belleandboo– "This shop makes me want to be a little girl again. I’ve (Coco has!) got a few dresses and a bag from this shop "

 "Celina is such a talented designer! When I saw her foxes, I had to ask her to make a tiny version for Coco, who is modelling it on this picture to the left."  Ok...your lil one is soooo cute! 

http://www.etsy.com/shop/ReginaLustig  "Regina makes amazing recycled items and the instructions to do it yourself. I’ve made countless purses from old TetraPaks and added them to my bags as a freebie."

Diana says she likes being on Etsy because, "Etsy is very engaging. I feel as part of a community of people who love creating beautiful things. I am often speechless when I see the amazing items people make. And I love making treasuries, to tell little stories with those items ."  I love the treasuries too!!!  Here is a recent one I made, if you want to check it out. 

I asked Diana about living in Europe (she lives in Liverpool, England).   I asked her to name 4 countries I should visit when I come to Europe and this was her response:
"I don’t know much about countries as a whole.  I am all about cities.   I was born in Berlin, this is my number 1 of the must gos and the most interesting city in Germany.  It’s not the cleanest, or nicest, or richest, but it is a great place with something for everyone.   Compared to other capital cities, it is relatively cheap (in terms of living, shopping, etc.)
The same applies for my adopted home city: Liverpool! This city has an amazing heritage and is a buzzing place. It combines the benefits of a city with the benefits of a village. People are very friendly and chatty and above all funny. The centre is very walkable and the cultural offering is great. Liverpool is big on music and nightlife and most of the museums are free of charge. In the last years a lot of bars and restaurants have opened and nobody should have a problem to fill their time here.
Paris should be a must on everybody’s list. The first time I had to leave I was crying, although I hated the first three days of the journey, luckily I was there for ten days and grew to love it. I would never say no to Paris, it is a very green city with lots of parks and great food (if you keep away from tourist’s traps).
Number four would be Barcelona or Vienna? I would have to flip a coin. Both are big on style and culture, one has a beach, the other one amazing cakes. Oh and what about Venice? I am hopeless…"  Wow...ok...I am going to Expedia NOW and booking a trip!!!

Being a children's designer, I was interested in asking her about the fashions in Europe. I asked her what the differences were between the fashion scene in London vs. Paris vs. Milan. 
"London fashion is a bit rougher and plays it cool. It is more edgy and quirky and always has an eye on the street, while Paris is rather feminine and playful and Milan more corporate. Maybe that’s just in my head."  I can see that about London.  Back in my era...the 80s, the punk scene was so big and we all looked to England and their scene for our fashions.

My off-the-cuff-question to Diana was if she was given 5 thousand dollars to just spend on herself for clothes, what would she do.  She said, "5 THOUSAND DOLLARS!?! I've never spent that amount on clothes, let alone for myself! Let me see...
I'd splash out on this hadfelted coat on Etsy (I've felted myself and know, this is worth it)."  I have seen that coat and coveted it myself...beautiful (see picture next to this).


Diana continues, "Then I would have at least two pairs of shoes made to measure, one pair of boots and a pair of perfect ballerina flats. That would probably be another $1000. The rest I would invest in important basics: the perfect white shirt I am searching for for years now and the matching pencil skirt, seamless perfectly fitting underwear, tights that don't slip down and always fit, a set of floaty jersey dresses in different colours and two or three cashmere jumpers. Clothing heaven! I probably went over budget now..." haha That a girl!!!

 Diana is very generous and is offering our readers here on my blog a giveaway of your choice.  In other words, if you win, you can pick ONE ITEM from her Facebook shop.... http://www.facebook.com/leonandcoco?sk=app_138996027389

or if you can not choose from anything on there (and there is a lot) you can choose this calendar for the new year!

Want to know how to win???  First follow my blog to enter.  Also always include your email where I can reach you if you win.

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Once you do ALL of those things, you will be entered in the giveaway.
GIVEAWAY ENDS: Dec. 1 at 10pm Eastern Time


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