Sunday, November 20, 2011

Adorable Dolls For Your Lil One or The Lil One In YOU- NEW GIVEAWAY!

Meet Elizabeth Woodward and her magical world of Toegee!!!!  I will tell you that I have bought many of these adorable dolls from her shop for my 4 year old and 6 year old.  They love them.  She made and created two custom sets for me.  She made a whole Nativity set which is perfect for Christmas time for my girls to reenact the story of the birth of Christ.
She also made a whole Alice In Wonderland set for my girls who recently had an Mad Tea Party (see Themed Parties Section in this blog).  
I CAN NOT believe the detail on these adorable dolls.  My girls just love them and the quality is PERFECT!  We have a specialty toy store here were we live and they only sell non mainstream or mass produced toys.  I know they would LOVE to carry her dolls!  Her creations are perfect for a Christmas gift or stocking stuffer.  I recently noticed she made a whole Strawberry Shortcake set for someone with all the characters.  I think my next order will be Annie or Wizard of Oz since my girls love those movies. I asked how she learned to make her adorable dolls and she responded, "Since I can remember I have always had an eye for crafty creations. I enjoyed art and really enjoyed everything about making projects. I believe that being artsy is something that is inspired not learned."  Amen to that!

Elizabeth says she started to make these crafts just last year for something that both her and her daughter could share.  She says her little girl and her nephews inspire the dolls she makes.  She says, "I enjoy caring for children and creating crafts that remind me of a child's imagination."
Speaking of inspiration and since I am a musician, I asked if she had any groups or songs that inspired her when creating? "I enjoy listening to my favorite 80's band The Cure, Enya, any score from Tim Burton films."  She sounds like a girl after my own heart!  It is all about the 80s and The Cure is still one of my favs!

I had to ask her about her shop's name, Toegee.  I asked how she came up with the name.  She replied, "I used to have a cat named Katoja but for short we called him Toegee. Katoja in Nigerian means lets be friends. I loved my cat so much that I was inspired to name my shop after my little cats

Elizabeth is a stay at home mom.  She says she is a mom to a "wonderful red headed girl and a wife. I enjoy that I get to share my creativity with my daughter and hope that she develops a knack for being crafty as well."

I asked her how she juggles mommyhood and her shop and her life:  " I am fortunate enough to have a husband who lets me stay home and be a mother and a crafter. It can sometimes be tough to balance the two.  As long as I involve my daughter in what I do with my crafts, I get to experiance the best of both without alot of stress.

As for her shop....I asked her what is new that may be coming into her whimsical shop.  She said:
"I would like to expand creation of new charaters, but still keep my own touch on anything that I create. I would like to create more childrens charaters, like Spiderman, Strawberry Shortcake, etc."

I asked her what the first doll was that she created for her shop and she said, "She had green hair and a purple dress and had arms that were way too long for her body. It looked like a doll so I guess she turned out ok...even with long arms lol."

Elizabeth enjoys being on Etsy because she gets "the chance to reach out to millions of people worldwide with my crafts is a great opportunity that I get to have being on Etsy." 

If you go to Elizabeth's shop you will see her profile picture.  She has striking pink hair.  I think it is just fab, but I had to ask her about it.  I asked her what made her want to color her hair pink? She replied, "Pink is such a fun girly color. I love that I have the opportunity to color my hair any way I want it. Sometimes its fun not only to create art but also to be art. My daughter and her friends think it looks cool and I absolutely love it."

Elizabeth is going to giveaway these two beautiful mermaid dolls.  My daughter have two of her mermaid dolls and love them!  You or your lil ones are sure to love them too.

I like Elizabeth's unique and artistic nature, so I thought I would do this giveaway different than all of the other ones.  
Please follow my blog before you enter....
Requirements for this giveaway 
1. Favorite her shop and then come back and tell us what your favorite item is in her shop.
2.  Once you do that, all you need to do is pick a number between 1 - 100 and post the number in the comments of this post. 
**Make sure someone else has not already choosen that number in the comments, of course.  As always, list where I can reach you (email) if you win!  Good luck!
THIS GIVEAWAY ENDS Nov. 27 at 10pm Eastern Time 


  1. How stinking cute are her creations! Thank you for sharing Nicolette!

    I have added her shop as a favorite of mine on Etsy for sure! She has so many adorable items to choose from, but my favorites are all of her Lady of the Sea dolls!

    I choose #26. My e-mail is

    Thank you so much for the opportunity! <3

  2. I love too many of these! If I have to pick it would either be the nativity set or Judy True.

    The number I pick is: 2

  3. Following blog via GFC under Berendina Dykema and hearted her shop under my name Berendina Dykema(Username:SugarGumDrops)

    My favorite item is the Mario and Friends.That set is to cute!.Also my lucky number is 21.


  4. Herated the shop as bohemiansin

    I always loved no 1!:)))


  5. I think my favorite is Pennie Prim. I hearted the shop as jhbalvin. I follow on gfc as jhb.

    The number I pick is 73.

    jhbalvin at gmail dot com

  6. I heart her etsy shop and love love love Jack
    number 63

  7. I love Dash the Horse in her shop! cute! I follow your blog and will choose number 5. thanks!

  8. I have faved your shop, you have the most beautiful creations, I love the horses my grand daughter is horse mad at the moment. lucky number 4

  9. follower. hearted shop. I like the Red Queen!

    I pick #31.

    elizabethglassturner (at) gmail (dot) com

  10. I like Milly - hearted her shop and I pick number 10
    brendawitherspoon at hotmail dot com

  11. I heart Toegee on etsy (id: megnate) and my favorite item in her shop is the Mushroom Dinner Set!! So whimsical!

    megnate at telus dot net

  12. I pick number 42

    megnate at telus dot net

  13. These are so delightful! My nieces are getting a doll house for Christmas, and these lovelies would be PERFECT for it.

    I hearted the shop as vaverine, you can reach me at

    I pick #28

  14. My daughter loves mermaids! I love the stockings on Pennie Prim!

    Number 14!

    michellehaskell at gmail dot com

  15. They are all very cute but my pick today would be Nina Peaches.
    I have given the shop my etsy heart
    (etsy- rosewendy)

  16. I follow on GFC (Linda R) & I faved her shop on Etsy (tigger77tigger) and I like Princess Daisy & Mallory Witch

    lyromero77 at gmail dot com

  17. I pick number 20

    lyromero77 at gmail dot com

  18. Hi - I favorited her shop. Cute stuff! My kids would love the Mario set!

  19. I'm a new blog follower!

    Love Angel Hope and the Ballerina dolls for my sweet little niece who loves her "babies".

    I pick #6! My birthday & my niece's b-day too!! :)


  20. I hearted your shop and I like the sally doll.

    I pick #64

  21. I like the Greenie witch. Mario and Luigi are cute too.
    My number is #23
    fec527 at hotmail dot com

  22. Hello!
    Following your blog via GFC! (ksyshenka)

    I hearted amazing Elizabeth's shop and lovely Mushroom dinner set! (oksana2372 on Etsy)

    I love number 13!

    Thank you for the chance!


  23. I really like the mario and friends set. (my boyfriend would agree!)

    Following you via GFC

    My number is.....12


  24. I pick number 32 , faved her shop , already a follower ! belensmama at gmail dot com

  25. Oh what cuties, each and every doll...
    Antie pipa caught my eye, she has a darling hat, too, that's why!

    A lucky number, hope it's true...could it be number 52 ?