Saturday, September 3, 2011

Private Parts

Recently i read a tweet from a Mom Blog about what names your children call their privates. I thought about it for a minute and thought...hmmm...I should ask my kids (4 and 5) They said: butt, boobies and then said daddy has a long hose like a fire hose coming out his butt and my 5 year old said we have a journal. LOL We had a LONG talk after that!!!!  I ended up telling them the real names, but told them we call all of them "privates".  What do you tell your kids?  I am so grateful they still don't care about how babies are made....yet.

According to a Squidoo article, here are some names..

 The Boys use:


Bird - um...don't see the correlation
Bits,  Dingaling, dobbers, doinker, dong, doodle,
family jewels- isn't this a bit too old for a young boy to say
frank (&beans)- now this is just getting cras
goods, jiggy,
johnston - johnston??? seriously?  wow.,
junk- junk?  What does that teach a young boy about loving himself if part of him is junk?
knob- does this encourage them to "turn it". :/
Mr. Winky- who is Mr. Winky and why are boys calling their private parts that?
noodle, package parts, peanut,
pecker - isn't this considered a slang, bad word like (c**t)
peepee, penis,
peter - what if the boys name is peter or his friend???
pickle - PLEASE can we stop relating food to privates!
stuff, tally whacker, thing,
twig (&berries)- again...KEEP NATURE OUT OF IT!!!  lol
wang, wee wee, weiner,
willy- again with the names!
zipfy- don't understand this one.

 The Girls use:  
bunny- bunny? It doesn't even look like a bunny!! Not sure about this one.
chi-chi, choo choo- that is what my girls call a train!
cooch, coochie- I was always taught these two words were slang...bad words
coolie- don't understand that.
fanny, flower-??
front bottom, fufu, gina (my girls have called theirs this before)
girlfriend- no no no no
girly parts,
hole- hole-??
hoo hoo, hoo ha, jo jo,
kitty kat - now that is confusing for a kid
kooter- another word I was taught was bad
lola - who is lola?
muffin, peach - ENOUGH WITH THE FOOD!
pipi, pooter- pooter? Doesn't that refer to the bottom area more? 
tee tee, vagina, va-j-jay, voovoo, vulva, what-not,
and last but not friend's girls called theirs Chinas.

So I guess you can have your pick if you have not yet decided what to call your child's privates other than the anatomically correct name. lol

I found a few good articles on the topic if you want to check it out.
From a doctor's perspective:
And a father's perspective:
Here is a funny blog entry at Offbeat Mama's blog:
What say you???


  1. I'm with you... don't call it something that sounds like a person's name. Some of them made me laugh.

  2. I laughed at most of those, too. I also taught my children the correct names for their parts, but asked that for the most part to refer to them as "privates" in order to stress the importance of keeping that area off limits.
    Great blog. I found you through a blogfrog discussion. Check my blog out if you'd like. I'm very new to blogfrog as well as blogging in general.