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NEW GIVEAWAY From Sadie Bloom Designs!

Here is an interview with Marisa Brantley from Sadie Bloom Design a fellow member of Etsy Kids. You can find her here:  or check out her website here: has the cutest accssesories for your lil girlie girl or baby girl.  She has been gracious enough to do a giveaway!!!  YAY!!!  Read the interview and find out how to enter the giveaway!!!

Marisa makes and sells handmade frilly silky fabric flower and yoyo rosette headbands, brooches and hair accessories, for babes and belles of all ages!

When did you start making these items and why? I'm pretty new to the world of flower making, having started only last February. I actually stumbled across it quite by accident. While visiting my parents in Seattle, I was thumbing through one of my mom's old magazines and saw an article about fabric yoyo's. I thought they looked cute, and decided they'd be a great way to pass the time until the dark, rainy weather went away (it never did!). My mom had mentioned my grandmother and great-grandmother making beautiful bedspreads with yoyo's when she was young... how could I not try making them - it was in my DNA! Creating the silky flowers came shortly thereafter, upon seeing something similar in a popular vintage-style clothing store and not wanting to pay those outrageous prices! I loved the idea making flowers by scratch... cutting, burning, assembling and sewing layers of silky and satiny fabric together to produce such beautiful creations!

    What inspires your art? I love flowers. In coastal Southern California, we're able to grow all kinds of flowers well. My favorites include gardenias, roses and magnolias, which I think comes through in my flowers!
How did you go about picking the name "Sadie Bloom" for your shop? That's the question I get after people find out my name isn't "Sadie" nor "Bloom" (although I don't mind being called that!). Sadie is my orange tabby kitty cat's name, and Bloom is for what I make! There's also a Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon kind of thing, too, with the name, but with Bette Midler - I'll let your readers try to figure that
one out!

If you are a mom, how hard is it to juggle being mom and your shop and work (if you work)? Right now my title is "housewife," which thankfully allows me plenty of free time to work on my shop. I have absolutely no idea how busy moms do it - juggle everything - and still have wildly successful Etsy shops. Incredibly admirable. They're super-women, that's all to it.

Give me four of your favorite Etsy Kids shops: (I have more than four favorites!) Stitchin'netka - love her fabric banners her cute.  I may have to get some for one of my next parties.  So festive - Nicolette LLD)

; Fruits OF the BLooM - love her creations & her strength;(She is really creative.  My bows NEVER look like that!  :) - Nicolette LLD)
Kangacoo Designs - love her clothes & she's also an OC resident; (I must say...I really like her thing to...I hearted her shop on Etsy a while ago.  I love finding other great designers to admire! - Nicolette, LLD)
The Felted Pear - so life-like, pretty amazing
(You are so right!  So real and life-like!!  Great Christmas gifts for the kid's kitchen or playhouse. - Nicolette LLD)

Why do you like being on Etsy? The comradery  on Etsy is unbelievable. Everyone I've encountered has been so supportive and willing to share their knowledge and experiences. The EtsyKids Team is no exception - it's been a true God-send. I've learned so much from them in the short amount of time I've been on the team!
Tell me a little about you: I'm a Northern California native who followed my then-boyfriend (now husband) to Orange County, Southern California, 10 years ago. In a previous life, I was a litigation paralegal in the automotive product liability defense industry. I love the beach, the sun and weddings. My husband and I were married four years ago in the Napa Valley, where we met; coincidentally, pictures of our wedding are featured in the current summer edition of the wedding magazine, "Inside Weddings" (in the article, "Rustic Romance"), as well as on the website, ( Did I mention I like weddings? ; ) 
Here on the blog...I always like to ask some off the wall, fun questions to those I interview and here is your question:  If you were animal, what would it be and why? If I were an animal, I'd be a cat! Sleep all day, spend hours preening and get waited on hand-and-foot! That's the life!

Thank you for your time Marisa and the giveaway!

OH!  THE GIVEAWAY!!!!! it is:
 So cute right?????  Well if you want one of is the way to enter the giveaway:

1st entry:  like her on Facebook here :  
come back to this post and comment that you did so.
 2nd entry: Go to her Etsy page: and heart the your favorite item in her shop...then come back to this post and comment which item was your favorite.
3rd entry: go to her blog and follow her  
come back to this post and comment that you did so.
***5 Entries into the drawing if...Midler is concerned  (be honest...don't goggle). ONLY ONE PERSON CAN GET THESE EXTRA 5 ENTRIES!!!  The first person to come back to this post and comment the answer to what the relationship to her shop name and Bette Midler is will be THE ONLY ONE to get the 5 entries into the drawing!
Giveaway ends Saturday 9/17/11 at 10 pm Eastern Time.
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  1. Sadie is the first name of a character Bette played in a movie (can't remember which one) and bloom is the last name of her character in beaches.

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  4. I'm so excited to be one of the favorite shops mentioned by Marisa! Thank you so much for your kind words, Marisa, and yours too, Nicolette! I'm truly honored! I love Sadie Bloom Designs handmade blooms and all the shops mentioned, including Lil Lollipops Designs! EtsyKids Team is a great place to meet other designers. Thanks again for this wonderful feature! xoxo-Loren of Fruits of the Bloom

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