Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Juggling Mommy and Designer - meet the designer behind kyandkin and get a FREE gift too!

kyandkin is a  children's boutique with an organic vibe.  The shop caught my eye while surfing through my Etsy Team, Etsy Kids (kyandkin is also an Etsy Kids Team member).  The designs elegant simplicity has echos of Calvin Klein with a touch of Esprit.   Clean lines, natural colors and a retro classicism repeat throughout the shop. This style in this shop reminds me of Nordic designers I have seen such as the children's line: Monamici.
                              Calvin Klein tunic (she could totally design for CK)



KyandKin's Dressy Tunic                                                                          

The face behind kyandkin is Heather, a Navy wife of two lil girls who inspire her.  She describes her line as free flowing and comfortable.  She says "I wanted to make clothes for my girls and other children that were something a little different from the norm, something that they are comfortable in and something that they can run and play freely while still being able to look stylish." She "lives with the idea of quality over quantity" and sews each piece as if her own children would wear them.  Her love for each piece is very evident.  Heather says, "I always fall in love with particular styles that are way over priced and I can never afford them.  Due to the fact that children grow so fast, I thought it would be a waste of money.  With that in mind, I started to make clothes that I would have loved to wear as a child and would be good on the pockets as well."

Heather is a big supporter of small businesses and tries to buy all her supplies from local shops or other online supply shops such as Etsy supply shops.  She wants to "give back to others" by supporting them with her purchasing from them and not the huge brand name shops.

Heather is so excited about her shop and new trade.  "I had sewn for years, and had started with selling handbags to friends and family a few years ago, but I knew that there was something else that I was even more interested in but just couldn’t put my finger on it…until I had my second little girl. I had finally found something that I LOVED to put my time and effort into, something that I just can’t get enough of. The time I put into my shop is time that I love to put aside. It is something that’s freeing, a little “outlet” of mine where I can relax and take in my day piece by piece. I use every opportunity to get a little work done, whether it’s early in the morning before my girls wake up, during a nap, or after they’re fast asleep. My business is a dream that I can’t stop thinking about, which is what I always wanted for myself." ( I feel the same way Heather! )
 It is so important for us Moms, especially stay at home moms, to not lose our identity in our kids.  It is not healthy for us or them.  Yes we are Mommy...but we are also a wife, and a individual.  I love how Heather is a mom, wife, Navy wife, and she is Heather....the designer.  She juggles it all well.  I am always pushing for moms to hold onto their identity.  Heather exemplifies this.  She has pride not only in being a mom and a wife, but in herself and her individual qualities and talents.  Now I know many moms are thinking..."How in the world can I juggle finding time to focus on my interests and talents???!!!"  Heather says, "It's difficult to make sure I set aside time for EVERYTHING, but somehow things are working out perfectly.  I have 2 amazing girls and my oldest is able to help me do certain things and it makes her feel like she's a part of it too!  I do work on the weekends, Fri - Sunday all day long!  I try to get in the most hours I can while my amazing husband is able to watch the kids and spend his quality time with them."  Amen to amazing husbands!!!! OH...and COFFEE!!!!! :)

I asked Heather how she came up with the very cute and catching name kyandkin and she said, "kyandkin came from my two little girls - Kylie Rainn and Kinley River (the name kyandkin is all one word and lowercase - because of my "little" girls)."
             One of my favorites in her shop!      awesome detail in theback                                                                                
When Heather was asked her four favorite Etsy Kids shops she replied, "This is a really HARD question, I can't really put my finger on just a few.  There are so many I love for different reasons. I know that we all try so hard to give our very best in each item that we sell and promote.  I love the overall energy that comes from the etsy kids shops.  Everyone that I have come across is absolutely amazing and has helped me learn different things."  That a way girlie!  Diplomat of Etsy Kids.  :)  She is going to make lots of friends with that answer.  

Heather says she loves being on Etsy because, "I love the help that's available from all over.  No one has denied my questions 
when asked and everyone seems to WANT to help.  I also love the diversity of shops and designs and the ability to be able to create whatever you want.  In addition, it's handmade, that's just special in itself."  If you are a crafter or Artist...get on Etsy if you have not already!  If you just like to find original things, support local, small businesses or just like to get a great one of a kind gift for someone....hop on over to .

 As artsy, crazy nature wanted to know something off the wall about Heather so I asked her: If you were going to be put on a deserted island for a month...and you knew in advance, what 2 things would you bring?  Oh goodness, that's a tough one....water and a BOAT...haha...I'm a people person so I would need to get OFF the island as fast as I could!

 Now for the GIVEAWAY!!!  Win this adorable, boho, baby headband!  This is a great one of a kind item that she sells in her shop, but has been generous enough to offer for FREE to the winner of this giveaway which will be chosen by
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  1. I left a comment - love the bubble dresses - so very cute! :)

  2. I posted on her wall. I love the autumn dress, love the colors- Gianna is too lil of course but soon will make me broker than I am. LOl

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    My favorite item from the shop is the White Bubble Dress.

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