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Marking Your Moments....An Interview With The Desinger Behind Studio La Bue

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I recently came across a Great shop on Etsy called Studio La Bue  It is a fairly new shop on Etsy and opened Oct. 2010.  The artist and owner is Emily Roedl.  She is the sweetest thing.  We have had many conversations back and forth through our shops on   Etsy.  I bought one of her necklaces (pictured above) and received SO MANY compliments.  I wore it one day at our church (which is the biggest in Savannah, GA) and it was a day I was singing with the choir.  You would not believe how many people commented on the necklace and wanted one.  I love all the colors she uses and the vintage look and feel of the pieces.  I remember as a child going through my mom's jewelry box and finding tons of flower pins that looked similar to this necklace.  So for me to buy this, was very nostalgic for me.  Emily tells me that she has sold a lot of her pieces to the lovely people of Wisconsin before opening a shop on Etsy.

 Emily was gracious enough to grant me an interview with her...although I took FOREVER to post it...sorry Emily. :)  Emily lives in Southeastern Wisconsin.  She is very busy being a mom, but is also a Dental Hygienist. Hope you like getting to know Emily from Studio La Bue as much as I have enjoyed my conversations with her on Etsy.  She is offering my followers and readers here on my blog a 10% discount on any purchase.  Use the coupon code: FRIENDS at checkout.

 Emily first let me thank you again for doing this interview with me.  I know you are a busy mom.  Can you tell us a little about your life at home (your kids, etc.)?
Living in a old cheese factory-in Wisconsin, non the less, can make being home with the family a destination! Out in the country, we are surrounded by trees, open spaces, creeks and flowers. There is a natural spring right in our own backyard! Of course, in the winter, it is mostly just snow.  Together, my husband and three kids (Sophia 7, Sam 8, and LuLu 4mo) and I spend lots of time keeping up with life as best we can! We fill in the gaps with ice skating, sledding, biking, walking, cooking, reading, watching movies and many projects!

See...I was are BUSY!!  Now, other than being a mom and wife and hygienist, you have this GREAT shop on Etsy.  Your jewelry pieces are so feminine.  I love all the flowers.  Where do you get your inspiration?
Inspiration is all around me-but I find it mostly in stories.  People have them, places do, and nature has its share as well.  I have a desire to mark time and moments-like leaving a mark on a trail.  A piece of my jewelry can represent a short trail of marks that together lead to a memory for someone.  Flowers play a big roll in many special moments in peoples lives-the things that we want to remember.  A new birth, a special relative passing on, a birthday, a wedding...a first love.  What do flowers make you think of? When you take a second look at my shop...take a deeper look, and find one of your own special moments-and mark it! I hope that my jewelry can give you a sense of true personal style-by being personal!

That is really awesome!  Personally flowers make me thing of Spring, happiness, beauty, and romance.  I love how you say to mark one of your special moments.  So true.  Many of us let those moments come and go with out a second thought.  

Where do you do most of your designing?  Do you have a studio or
specific place in the house? 
My design space is right in our busy living space. I find that I work best surrounded by my family-not secluded in a separate room.  My work table is covered with beads, finds, and trays of supplies-I like to be able to see the colors and textures right in front of me. 

Well, lets hope your space to design is cleaner than mine is right now!  I have a studio, but I find myself constantly bringing my things to do out to the living area of the house.  Then my mess extends out... lol.  

How long have you been designing jewelry?
I started designing jewelry about four years ago, mostly for myself and friends and family first.

I would have never have guessed it was that recent.  Your designs seem to be made from someone who has been making jewelry their whole life. Now, what is your background, if any, in the arts?
Growing up, my mom was a fiber artist and taught me to sew at a very young age. She still weaves rugs to this day! My dad is a painter and strongly encouraged my creativity as a child. In high school, I earned scholarships for art and went on to attend college at Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids MI. Somewhat of a rebel, I changed art majors several times. After traveling, moving several times, and a few children later-I returned to school for dental hygiene.  I think I needed my degree backing me to give me the confidence to pursue my creative dreams.

I wonder how many of us artists change our major TONS of times...I know I did.  I know many artists are the "rebels" in their schools.  

What is your most favorite piece you have designed recently?  Why it is your favorite or
if there is a story behind it:
I have been working mostly on the flower necklaces that are a staple in my shop, to prepare for my spring show in March. I kind of got distracted long enough to do some more industrial pieces-and I love how they turned out! The one pictured features a bit of measuring tape-reminding me of my childhood days sewing with my mother.  The other little pieces were inspired by my sewing drawer-filled with those little mechanical parts that all have some purpose-that only my mother would know!!!
Those pieces are so creative!  I am sure many jewelry designers you either look up to or have been inspired by.  Can you  name three of your favorite jewelers...either on Etsy or main stream (commercial)?
I love unique jewelry designed by individuals-there are not too many commercial designs that I am drawn to.   Anthropologie has some great designs and I love the colors they use in their clothing as well.
I have to agree with that.  Who doesn't like Anthropologie???  I can see that style and inspiration in your pieces.  
Now here are two wild card questions:
If you were a color...what would you be and why?
Gray. Its neutral, calming and goes with many other colors.  I would like to be as flexible and have the ability to compliment others with my personality and talents!
If your newest design could talk...what would it tell you?
I find that as a designer, my goal is to create pieces that speak to you.  Every piece I make has thoughts and feelings behind it, but I am only the starting point! 

Thanks for your time doing this interview Emily.  Make sure you check out her shop! 

You can meet Emily in person at the Alliant Energy Center on March 26th  at the Art show in Madison WI.  She will be there selling her beautiful designs.  Tell her Nicolette from Lil Lollipops Designs sent you!

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