Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Help LIL LOLLIPOPS make it to the TOP TEN!!!!

So there is this awesome fairly new site called Handmade Top 10 .  This is a great site for sellers on Etsy as well as Etsy shoppers.  If you are looking for a particular can find the top ten most popular items in that catagory.  For example...looking for top ten Mother's Day on that list and find what is top ten for moms.  The other fun thing is that until a list is can help vote on what will be the top 10.  Right now the Children section is open along with a few others.  When a list is open you can add up to two items from your own etsy site or another shop's site to be voted on.  The goal is get the most and highest votes before the voting closes and you will FOREVER be on that list's top ten.  The ones that don't make it, fade away.

Right now two of my designs are on the children list.   My cupcake dress and my Tiffany dress. There are only 8 more days left to vote.  Go to and click on the children section. You can vote on all the different items that pop up from different sellers, or you can click next until you get to my items and vote.  Please help us get to top ten by voting everyday for my two outfits...10 being best.  I would so appreciate it!!!

I have two other items in another section called "Graduation Gift Items for Her"  If you want to vote for those too...  one is a necklace from my jewelry shop Je Suis Amoureux   and a memo center from my Lil Lollipops Designs...perfect for a girl going to college!

There are a few sections open right now for you to add items to, if you are an etsy seller:
Graduation Gifts for Her
Sewing Patterns
Knitting Over $50
Needlecraft $10-50
Gifts for Gardners
Candle Holders

Vote for fun....add your own items or add other's items from Etsy that you love...BUT DON'T FORGET TO VOTE FOR MY DRESSES!!!!!! :)

Oh and let me know if one of your items are on any of the lists...I will vote for your item too!

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  1. Woo-hoo! Good luck - I will do my best to remember to vote each day :)