Thursday, March 17, 2011

Leprechauns...St. Patty's Day Whimsy For Your Kiddos

I LOVE ETSY!!!!  Amazing sellers and items there.  Let me show you what came in the mail this week:

We have some Irish in us and I wanted to make this holiday special somehow with my kids, not just in a religious we already do.  I wanted to add childlike excitement and whimsy.  So this is what I did...
  I contacted this Etsy shop that made garden gnome doors.  I asked them if they could make me a custom leprechaun door.  They were VERY accommodating and sweet. This is what they came up with for the design.  The wood is carved or etched...the quality is VERY good.  It has real hinges and a real door knocker.  I can not believe it was only 18.50!!!
When I opened the package it the smell of wood and finish smelled delicious.  Love that smell!  Think it reminds me of my dad.  He did a lot of wooden models and things in the garage when he was alive.

So this is how I used this door:
During the week leading up to St. Patty's Day my husband and I would hide some nails in the yard (make sure you know where they are and find them WITH your children...of course don't let them handle nails).  We hid small pieces of wood here and there and a small hammer.  Periodically during the week when we would play outside, we would find one of these objects.  We would say..."oh...looks like the Leprechaun is building his home somewhere.  I wonder where he will build it?"  or "Look, the Leprechaun dropped his hammer here...he must be up to mischief."
The day before St. Patty's day, while the kids were napping, I put the door out in the yard.  You can put it up against a I did, up against a bush, a rock, a stump...anything you can think of.  When they woke up...we went outside.  Look what they found!!!
They were soooooo excited!!!  This is Gwyneth.  She ran in and got her camera to take her own picture of it.  I encouraged her to open the door...she couldn't at first.  I said, "Well how about we knock with the door knocker and then try to open it.  Maybe he wants us to be polite."  She knocked and I opened it.    Sure enough, it opened after the little knock.   I told her to look in.  I asked her if she saw his home with his little green furniture and stuff.  She said, "No, I just see the tree inside."  I replied, "Oh that silly leprechaun!!!!  He must have put a magic trick on it so we can't see in his house!"

The next day, St. Patty's Day, the Leprechaun was up to all sorts of mischief.  They found there tooth brushes in the bath tub when they went to brush their teeth.   The found barbies hanging from were hidden in strange spots throughout the day.  Things were upside down.  Every time they found another one of his mischievous tricks, they CRACKED UP!!!  It was the cutest thing.  
Later in the day they found gold coins that he had dropped on the ground hear his home (good thing we had left over Chuck E. Cheese coins).  And when daddy comes home, they will find more coins on the ground outside...this time coins that the Leprechaun is tricking them with.  Instead of real gold coins, they will be chocolate golden coins.  :)  
HAHA Gwyneth and Logan with the gold they found.---Gwyn not mad...just sun in her eyes.

I love seeing my kids imaginations run wild.  It brings so much fun and joy into their lives, but also into my life.  We forget to have fun as adults...our imaginations are taken up with worry and responsibilities.  

I hope this gives you ideas on things to do to add more whimsy and fantasy to your families life.  Whimsical traditions are always fun.  They are only young for a short time.  Teach them to use their imaginations and creativity so that they will never lose that child-like spirit even as adults.  

Oh and one last note...for breakfast we made green eggs and ham and green orange juice!  :)  Well, it is actually vegetarian bacon...but you get the idea.  HAVE A GREAT ST. PATTY'S DAY!

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