Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Yesterday I got a gianormous  box in the mail  addressed to me.  No, it was not a present or a box of furniture. It was like the holy grail of sewing machines.  :)  This thing is amazing!!!  Either my life is boring and a sewing machine is the only amazing thing in my life.... or I am just plain excited about the creative possibilities with this machine.   This machine has an LCD screen, computerized stuff and can basically do EVERYTHING!!!  I can now embroider with different types of fonts, sew thread designs on my clothes, sew on crazy, intricate embellishments and more.  Did I mention it self threads???  Maybe I can train it to go to the store for me and do laundry!!  lol  Just think...I found it on HSN.  Half the price, so they said, of what it will cost in stores with all the bells and whistles.  This means my clothing line has just expanded to numerous possibilities.  Below are some pictures of the holy grail of sewing machines and my old, but never- let- me- down, basic Kenmore.  Yes, you may laugh at me and think....a sewing machine????  This girl needs a life!!  But, when I am on Project Runway someday or designing for Gap Kids/ will remember this moment!!!  HAHAH  Naw...just happy doing what I am doing and being creative!

          Introducing the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960:

The older retiring Kenmore....thank you for your service!!!  You have been a great coworker.

I think this thing does about 600 different kinds of stitches!!

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