Thursday, September 13, 2012

Do you need a laugh???

As I mentioned in a prior post, I am pursuing my BFA degree in Fashion Design. Hopefully I will be able to share a lot of the tricks of the trade with all of you. Today I want to share something that will crack you up! This is my 5 year old who thinks she is a fashion designer.  To get her to wear anything other than zebra and leopard is a challenge.  A few years ago we were buying her a "big girl bed" and we needed to shop for bedding.  I tried to get her to get this cute little owl bedding and what does she do???  She runs down the aisle and says, very dramatically, "Mama I WANT THIS!!!"  She pointed to a hot pink zebra print comforter with black Marlboro feathers.  "Um.."I stuttered..."that is only for teenagers."  Of course we had a bit of a fit at that point.  We ended up getting a cute little pink set with flowers.  I think the next room we decorate...which will be soon when we move, I might give into her Rock Star fantasy.  Keep in mind, we have NEVER had MTV or VH1 on in our home.  Where did she get this idea???  :)  I made the mistake of singing in a rock band at a Fourth of July celebration in our town when we lived in Savannah.  I had never seen her eyes so big as she watched me singing on stage for the whole set.  I almost thought she was going to start mosh pitting.  Ever since...and that was when she was three...she has had this fantasy of being a rock star.  So now you have the background on my lil crazy one.  :)  The first video below is her crazy, sassy personality...boy do we have our hands full!!  The second one she is...describing "her latest fashions".  It was as if she had her own infomercial on fashion.  Have a good laugh and feel free to share.

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