Tuesday, August 23, 2011

School Is in Session...Time to Organize your Child!

Time to organize our kids...right?  Doesn't that make school and life much easier when you are organized?  Here are some great free things I have found to help you.

I just found a GREAT site to help you organize your child.  The best thing about it....FREE PRINTABLES!!!
There are great charts for reading....organizing your child's homework....reading kits...etc.  Check it out! Be sure to click on FREE PRINTABLES

Here is another site I found for charts for your child....potty training...behavior...chores...all free, but not as cute as Creative Mama's I must admit.  They even have instrument practicing charts!


On this site...you can customize your own chart for your child and their needs:
http://www.tipztime.com/chorecharts/freechorecharts.html  The charts have fill in the blank to customize it yourself.

Here you can design your own chart online with different styles and fonts etc.  You choose everything and then print it out finished!

http://www.etsy.com/shop/ladesigns2?ref=pr_shop   Is a fellow Etsy Kids Team Member.  She has GREAT organizing baskets and even cute trick or treat bags! Here is one example:

If you are looking for  chore charts and custom charts that are VERY cute, will last, and you can use over and over check these out: http://www.etsy.com/shop/tagalongadventure  She is also a fellow Etsy Kids Team Member.  Here is one of my favorites:

On my site...I have a few organization things to help organize your child and their life:

Here are some of the chalkboards i have listed in my shop so you can keep organized by writing down notes to your child or hubby or lists of homework, etc.  Even use them to practice writing for your child.

Ever wonder where to put all those things the kids bring home?  Is your fridge overloaded with items?  How about rotating the best ones...A papers, great art, on these custom art, homework, or picture hangers from my shop.  Tell me your child's initials, the colors you want and the things he or she likes and i will do the rest.

Also about to list this one of a kind desk organizer....great for teacher or your child's desk at home!  Will be in the shop soon!

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