Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Don't miss this one!!!  The designer for Midnight Boudoir (see my very first interview on my blog about her here: http://lillollipopsdesigns.blogspot.com/2010/08/interview-with-artist-behind-midnight.html) is hosting this next giveaway.  Glenda is VERY talented and her New Orleans roots show in her designs.   She is offering a VERY generous free gift to the winner of this giveaway: one of her beautiful clutches!!  It is called The Little Peacock and it is from her "That Bird Ate My Vintage Purse" Collection.  It is valued at over $35.00!!!  So Generous...thank you Glenda!

One Of A Kind and a totally chic piece of wearable art! Perfect for that night out on the town! 

This is how she describes this purse:  "I LOVE vintage purses! In fact, I have a giant collection of them. Unfortunately, I left them in the aviary the other day... Why? I don’t know... I am a little absentminded from time to time. Well, they ate them... ALL of them. And this is what happened when I returned to the aviary...

The Little Peacock- An Upcycled Vintage Black Clutch

-The focal component is a repurposed shiny faceted white button framed in a gold toned Victorian setting. The purse also comes with a hideaway chain. It comes with feather Care-taking guidelines, and a gift box designed by Glenda.

So, now that you are in love are you wondering....

This is how:
  1. You must be a  follower of my blog....I will check!! :)
  2. Pick one of her items in her shop that reminds you of something that is most cherished in your life- like the day that you were proposed to, your favorite holiday, your favorite toy, your favorite childhood memory- anything of that nature.
  3. Come back to this post and post the item you chose and what it reminds you of in your life.  Glenda will pick the one she likes best and they will win!!!  Simple...no gimmicks...just want to hear from your heart.  Be honest...no made up stuff please!  Only you and God will know for sure.  :) lol
GOOD LUCK!!! CAN'T WAIT TO READ YOUR RESPONSESSPREAD THE WORD AND TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS TO GET IN ON THE ACTION!!! This giveaway begins today and will run through Nov. 1.  The winner will be announced sometime that week!!


  1. Ok, I couldn't pick one item so i hope this isn't cheating but all the peacock stuff reminds me of two peacocks that used to live across the street from our house when I was growing up. Our front door neighbors had a lot of animals and the peacocks used to wander out front and spread their feathers. While I don't see them anymore, I still hear them in the distance now and then especially in the mornings and it always reminds me of my childhood summers that I used to wake up to their sounds.
    If that's not enough to win, I just LOVED the bag and I'm giving it my best, honest shot, how's that for total honesty? LOL :D

  2. i picked the .Silver Angel Winged Dragonfly French Barrette

    the dragon fly to me,has always reminded me of my son axel,when he was born,he was a premie and very sick with jondus and we were in the hospital for a week trying to get my sweet new born well.
    for some reason,the dragon fly always came to mind when i would pray for my angel, axel,i think because,all the dragon flys i saw before i had him always were the color of his eyes,a soft sky blue and dragon flies always seems to be so joyful the way they seem to dance as they fly.Axel,even as a new born would always make my heart fly so high with joy,even threw all his sickness,he would always smile at me and just be soo stronge for such a tiny baby,he is my dagon fly,tiny but filled with so much joy and spirit!

  3. OMG! I loved everything in the shop, but Black Polka Dot Pinup Flower Hair Accessory caught my attention because it reminded me of when my cousin were young tweenagers and we'd dress up in these gingham skirts that my grandmother had sewn for herself (but no longer wore). We called ourselves the "Checker Sisters", and we would perform for her and our grandfather. We became a little musical group after that, and started shopping for other little accessories like matching earrings and stuff to go with our checkered skirts. Flowered headbands would have been an awesome accessory back then! The whole act was centered around the checkered skirts. Haha.

  4. I love all the feathers but a favorite is the red white and black combo -http://www.etsy.com/listing/57506674/black-white-and-red-all-over-chic
    I have some wonderful feather hatbands that an older gentleman friend made and I wear on my hats and I'm wanting to upcycle some lovely vintage bags with them so thank you for your inspiring beautiful work...it also makes me think of a dear friend who passed away after a long fought battle with breast cancer this spring...she wore wonderful vibrant colors and lots of fun bling bling and she would have loved so many of your pieces...she embraced color and life and family and surrounded herself with the things that fed her spirit...thanks for that memory and your generous gift.

  5. http://www.etsy.com/listing/57246804/stunning-autumn-maple-feather-hair-clip

    I chose these autumn maple hair clips because it reminds me of a place I used to go when I was a child. My grandfather owned a cabin in Canada on Rainy Lake. The maple leaf, of course, reminds me of the Canadian flag and my little musical bear that has the maple leaf crest and plays "O'Canada." The yellow feathers against the blue/green feathers reminds me of the beautiful sunsets that are reflected perfectly on the lake. The black feathers in the back of the clip, I associate with the loons that sang in the early morning when the water seemed as black as their feathers. And finally the brown feather in the very front reminds me of the cabin my grandfather owned. It was an authentic wood cabin on its own little island. The cabin seemed as natural in the setting as the evergreens and granite rock. Even with the outhouse, it was paradise on earth. Oh how I wish I could go back there and relive the peace, but maybe these clips might get me halfway there.

  6. Oh my gosh! I love all of your memories and stories! This is going to be one very very hard decision... Thank you everyone- you have touched my heart!

  7. Oh myyy, they're all so pretty...
    I'd have to say that the "Light Mauve Feather Fascinator Headband- Vintage Inspired" reminds me of my first high school dance.
    I picked out a dress of that color and I had a feather clip in my hair! My dad knew so he went to the store and bought me a corsage with flowers of that color but when my date came to pick me up he had gotten me a corsage so I felt embarrassed because I didn't want to have to choose one over the other! So my date said I should take my Dad's (and that's how he got on my Dad's good side) he was very sweet and humble about it too and my dad even put the corsage on me. It kind of was a growing up moment for me (because it was my first actual formal date) and that even though I'm going to get older and eventually get married I'm still my Dad's girl and I'll always love him even with another man in my life.

    katmckid at aol dot com

  8. I follow!

    shopallbuttonedup at yahoo dot com

  9. I like this:


    because the fleur de lis reminds we of when i was a kid when we would go visit my aunt in Louisiana. :)

    shopallbuttonedup at yahoo dot com

  10. Hi! I am a new blog follower.

    I really like this butterfly hair clip because I love the movie 'the butterfly effect' and this hair clip somehow looks very much like the one on the cover of the book. The BIG questions in life, "what if?" is something very profound.

  11. I followed your blog and I like this hair fascinator the best


    because it's deep and dark like a secret.

  12. I was blown away by this particular piece: http://www.etsy.com/listing/50543231/the-portrait-of-a-butterfly-a-one-of-a
    THe Portrait of a butterfly.
    I believe that everything beautiful needs to be portrayed in many creative ways, abstract or realistic, and this piece has both! I love the way Glenda cam up with this Butterfly fascinator. I definitely reminded me of a self 3D portrait I once made about me out of brass for a jewelry class I took in college. I wanted to portray myself between a moon and a fish, something a little different but it was a little hard to decide between both, so I morphed both, the moon and the fish and added swirls around because I had long wavy hair at the time. It came out really nice and this Butterfly fascinator reminds me or the fact that it is all about creativity and what inspires you at the very moment you are creating something meaningful. I am a great fan of Midnight Boudoir, she puts a nostalgic element in this piece!

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  14. The western angel-winged barrette immediately caught my eye. I “flew the coop” (pun intended) 5 years ago after I graduated college to follow my heart out west to Colorado. I always loved the idea of living in the west so I packed up my few belongings, threw them in my little car, and drove straight to a tiny mountain town called Manitou Springs. It was the best impulse decision I ever made. Since I moved here I have grown to love the culture of living in the west….the ranches, the mountains, the wildlife, the simplicity. Almost every little town has boutiques or antique stores full of turquoise jewelry which I also have grown to love since living here. The best part? I met my husband here and we got married last year with a western themed wedding. This barrette truly embodies my western life!

  15. Anonymous...you will have to tell us who you are if you win. How will we know where to send the clutch too??? LOL

  16. oops! I'm anonymous. I thought I had left my username but apparently I accidentally checked anonymous. Thanks!

  17. WOW! Such pretty items! They all remind me of something, mainly my days at MAC, where the only thing we were allowed to wear that was not black was in our hair, or some type of accessory, and I would always pick something like the items on that site. But, if I have to pick one, it would be the Black and White Victorian Inspired Headband, because my room is decorated in that type of print. My room was the first project that my mom and sister and I took on together. It was so much fun coming up with the custom made bed spread and curtains. We came up with some pretty interesting things, and had so much fun!

  18. http://www.etsy.com/listing/57259223/white-winter-woods-feather-hair-clip

    This beautiful hair clip reminds me of Niagara Falls in December.
    We took a romantic weekend trip to the falls a couple of years ago for my birthday (Dec 8). The town was cold, but there was very little snow. All around the falls, fields of natural ice sculptures formed on the trees, grass and railings. The spray from the falls would instantly freeze in the crisp air. The light posts were tall gothic columns of sparkling ice. The blue sky just made the bright white and crystal sparkle even brighter.
    It was truly one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen (even if I did lose some feeling in my legs from the cold).


  19. Radiant Peacock Feather Fascinator with Sparkling Swarovski Crystals

    Peacock feathers and gems...sigh the memories it brings of my younger years in boarding school. I absolutely LOVE The richness of the blues and greens and how I can almost feel the softness of the feather just by gazing at them. The misty mornings, smell of Chai and screeching of the Peacocks in the distance. peacocks remind me of India and the richness and beauty of there culture... my childhood. Sometimes I feel blessed and sometimes I feel damaged from my 5 years there...but all the experiences were well worth it for the richness it added to me and my life.